Lisa Lawlor 
School of Dance

Welcomes you to the world of dance. Here in our school students learn the technique of dance in a fun and friendly environment, which is a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy, make new friends, build confidence and have alot of fun. Students are taught by a highly qualified professional dance instructor from the International Dance Teachers Association and British Cheerleading Association. Throughout our dance school year, pupils participate in annual school shows, competitions and examinations etc... We are now celebrating our 16th year anniversary and are extremely proud of all our students accomplishments and achievements over the years!!!


Builds confidence 

improves muscle tone and strength

better coordination, agility and flexibility 

better social skills, make new friends

increases muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness

improves balance and spatial awareness


 Ballet Classes

from 3yrs

Our ballet pupils learn from the basic ballet steps and work there way through the ballet grades and can carried on to professional exams .Each class works very carefully on their technique to give their best performance, learning the classical and modern style. Our ballet classes improves posture, increases flexibilty, builds muscle and agility,makes amazing listeners and problem solvers and builds confidence.

Theatre Craft/ jazz Dance classes

from 9yrs

Theatre craft is a dance form for theatrical performance. Essential elements-kicks, turns, leaps and rhythmic awareness. This dance style is performed to fun upbeat musical songs with dramatic actions and themes. 

hiphop crews

Our hiphop crews are made up with our elite hiphop dancers in our school. All crew classes are auditioned based. Auditions take place once a year for competition season. 

Hiphop Classes

from 5yrs

Hiphop dancing is an energetic dance style that refers to street dance styles performed to hiphop music or can be performed to modern pop music for commercial hiphop/new style.

Lyrical/Contemporary classes

from 10yrs

lyrical dance is a style that combines ballet and jazz technique. it is performed to music with lyrics so that it inspires expression of strong emotions the teacher feels from the song. Telling a story through movement or how the song makes us feel.

"Dance is art, paint your dream and follow it"

                                                          MEET OUR HIPHOP CREW's

our megacrew- CRU22
our megacrew- CRU22

Dominant Dollz 

our U14s Hiphop Crew


Our over 17yrs+ Hiphop Crew

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